HE Weiqiang

Lawyer HE Weiqiang graduated from the Law School of Central University for Nationalities with a bachelor's degree in law.

Lawyer HE Weiqiang has successively worked in large enterprise groups such as Peking University Founder group, Shanshui Wenyuan group and Supply and Marketing big data group. He is responsible for the legal compliance and risk control of the group. He has rich experience in enterprise compliance and is proficient in contract drafting and review.

Lawyer HE Weiqiang began to practice in 2011 and has rich practical experience in handling construction contract disputes, company liquidation disputes and labor disputes.

Lawyer HE Weiqiang is good at daily legal counsel, risk system construction and control, company liquidation, investment M & A, major contract negotiation, etc. He is familiar with real-estate development and construction engineering business, and is good at enterprise labor risk prevention and dispute resolution.

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