JI Hongyong

Lawyer Ji Hongyong graduated from the Law School of Central University for Nationalities, majoring in economic law, and obtained a master of law from Temple University.

Lawyer Ji Hongyong once served as the chief legal officer and senior vice president of a well-known real-estate group. He understood the resolution of corporate debt, and successfully recovered huge creditor's rights for the enterprise, and effectively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the company; He has rich experience in litigation practice and enterprise legal affairs. He has an in-depth understanding of contract, finance, company, bankruptcy fields; At the same time, while in charge of investment and financing, through a large number of practical cases, he is familiar with the company's top-level equity structure, risk control structure design and relevant legal relationship handling.

In his spare time, lawyer Ji Hongyong insisted on theoretical research and published more than 10 academic papers in professional journals such as the application of law and the Journal of law.

At present, lawyer Ji Hongyong also serves as:

Member of Beijing Economic Law Society;

Member of Beijing bankruptcy law society;

Member of Beijing Venture Capital Law Research Association;

Member of Beijing Society of administrative law and Beijing Society of consumer protection law;

Distinguished expert of Beijing Equity Exchange;

Member of expert think tank and visiting professor of training cooperation center of China Society of behavioral law;

Mediator of Beijing pluralistic mediation Promotion Association;

Arbitrator of Hainan International Arbitration Court.

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