Liang LI

Lawyer Liang LI graduated from China University of Political Science and Law with a master's degree in law.

Liang LI is familiar with the trial ideas of various civil and commercial dispute cases, understands the litigation procedures and judgment rules, knows well the ways to solve various disputes, can accurately grasp the essence of the problem, find the entry point and provide practical and effective dispute resolution methods. She is good at dealing with all kinds of contract disputes, enterprises relevant disputes and companies, securities, insurance and bill disputes. At the same time, she also has rich experience in identification, preservation and sealing up.

Liang LI once served as a senior legal adviser of an Internet technology company. She is familiar with the resolution of various common legal problems and legal risks of the enterprise. She is good at legal analysis of enterprise litigation, arbitration, labor and personnel disputes, and provides litigation strategies and solutions for the negotiation, drafting, change and settlement of important contracts. She provides legal support for the formulation of transaction structure design scheme and other matters to prevent enterprise litigation risk from the source.

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