Lawyer Xu Xu studied at the school of civil and commercial economic law of China University of Political Science and Law and obtained a master's degree. Lawyer Xu Xu once joined Beijing Tianchi Juntai law firm and represented many well-known criminal cases.

Lawyer XU Xu has extensive practical experience in criminal procedure, especially good at handling economic crime cases, and has also made profound research in the cross field of criminal and civil law. Lawyer XU Xu can help enterprises build the bottom line and prevent criminal legal risks through his professional ability. At the same time, lawyer Xu Xu can be keenly aware of the debtor's malicious evasion of debts and take effective relief measures to deal with it.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, XU Xu has also continuously promoted academic research activities. At present, he has applied for two national research topics and three key research topics in the Beijing court system. In addition, lawyer XU Xu also served as a teacher at the school of criminal justice of China University of Political Science and Law and the school of law of Capital University of Economics and Business, teaching criminal procedure law and criminal trial practice.

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