国双律师事务所与Josh Selig先生及其团队成为战略合作伙伴。国双律师事务所执行主任纪红勇先生、合伙人牛蒙律师受聘担任Josh Selig先生及其在华团队“中容桥”的法律顾问。

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国双律师事务所与Josh Selig先生及其团队达成战略合作。国双律师事务所执行主任纪红勇先生、业务合伙人牛蒙律师受聘担任Josh Selig先生及其在华团队“中容桥”的法律顾问。

Mr. Josh Selig with his team and Grandsoul Law Firm have recently achieved the strategy partner relations. The executive director of Grandsoul Law Firm, Mr. JI Hongyong and the business partner, Mr. NIU Meng are appointed as legal counsel of Mr. Josh Selig and his Chinese team "China Bridge Content".

Josh Selig 先生于1999年在纽约创立了小飞机工作室并担任首席执行官,该公司于2017年被Studio 100收购。Josh Selig 先生及其中容桥团队在全球市场的原创IP领域中享有盛誉,拥有三十多年制作热门节目的丰富经验,曾为包括尼克、迪士尼、中央电视台和英国广播公司等在内的全球市场创作和制作了众多的高质量节目。

Josh Selig is the former CEO of Little Airplane Productions, a New York-based company he founded in 1999 that was acquired by Studio 100 in 2017. He and his team "China Bridge Content" have created and produced quality original content for the global market,  who have three decades of experience making popular shows for networks including Nickelodeon, Disney, CCTV and the BBC.

自90年代初期以来,Josh Selig 先生及其中容桥团队一直是建立美国和中国联合制作项目的领导者,与中国公司有着数十年的广泛合作经历。他们曾与包括中国CCTV动画、奥飞集团、完美世界、杭州国际动漫节、优扬传媒、华强方特、长隆集团、MIP China、中央电视台、英国广播公司、半岛电视台和德国的Super RTL等众多国际领先机构开展过合作。

Since the early '90's, Mr. Josh Selig with his team have been building successful co-productions with the US & China, starting with Zhima Jie, the first Chinese/US co-production of Sesame Street. In the past decade, they has worked on multiple projects with leading Chinese partners including Alpha, UYoung,  Fantawild,  Chimelong and CCTV,  also has provided focused training to many of the world's leading media groups includingthe BBC, Al-Jazeera, CCTV Animation,  Perfect World,  MIP China,  CICAF,  and Super RTL in Germany.

Josh Selig 先生及其中容桥团队曾多次获得各类世界顶级奖项,包括艾美奖、KidScreen奖、中国广电总局一等奖、金玉兰奖等在内的奖项。他们的代表作品包括尼克电视台的《神奇宠物队》、中央电视台和英国广播公司的《小鸟三号》、迪士尼少儿频道的《小土豆》以及他与奥飞娱乐在广州合作制作的《超级飞侠》等。此外,Josh Selig 先生还与优扬传媒共同为迪斯尼少儿频道和CCTV-14联合制作了动画系列。

Mr. Josh Selig and his team have been awarded many of the world's top prizes, including 12 Emmy Awards, KidScreen Award, Golden Magnolia Award and the Outstanding Domestic TV Cartoon issued by  the SARFT. Mr. Josh Selig is the Creator and Executive Producer of many hit television shows including The Wonder Pets! on Nick Jr. , 3rd & Bird on CCTV/BBC,  and Small Potatoes on Disney Junior. He was also the Executive Producer of Super Wings on Sprout which was made in partnership with Alpha in Guangzhou, and the Co-Creator and Executive Producer of P. King Duckling, a series he co-produced with UYoung for Disney Junior and CCTV-14.


He and His Team Have Been Awarded Many of The World's Top Prizes.


Mr. Ji Hongyong, as the Executive Director of Beijing Grandsoul Law Firm, with unparalleled experienceand unique abilities in law practice, also is well experienced in the area of cultural tourism industry. Mr. NIU Meng leading lawyer in foreign related legal service(Commercial, intellectual property) recognized by Beijing Lawyers Association, also devoted himself into foreign related legal issue and dispute resolutions, covering areas involved in foreign IP issues.

Josh Selig先生及其中容桥团队和国双律师事务所对于双方达成的本次深度合作均十分重视。国双律师事务所将竭诚为Josh Selig先生及其团队提供专业、优质的法律服务。

Both Josh Selig and Grandsoul Law Firm attach great importance to this cooperation. Grandsoul Law Firm is willing to provide professional and quality service to Mr. Josh Selig and his team.




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